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Nov 03

Artlantis is now available for download

By Athol Phillips | Artlantis

Artlantis 6, the latest version of Abvent’s stand-alone rendering application developed especially for architects and designers, boasts a brand-new physical engine, new lighting options, and other exciting features making Artlantis a clear choice for architects and designers in over 80 countries worldwide.

Abvent has announced that the Artlantis update has been uploaded to and is ready for downloading.  This latest update fixes a number of issues, including:

  • Artlantis crashed when trying to open a V5 project and posted a strange message
  • Impossible to activate/deactivate the enhanced Sky when in White Model mode
  • Render Manager did not manage the right displacements when the objects are linked to each other
  • Render Manager hierarchy objects were deformed
  • Render Manager light cone not taken into account
  • Crashed when opening an .atl version 5.0 file
  • When a light had a cone of 0 degrees the engine crashed when switching off the light
  • Deleting a keyframe crashed
  • Render Manager displayed the billboards differently than in Artlantis
  • Loss of files saved on the Desktop
  • Object Man-C040 crashed Artlantis
  • Error displayed after a rendering in 3840 x 2160 pxl with an Education license
  • Render Manager crashed if the user name of the session embedded double bit characters or accents
  • Render Manager used the CPU too much even when it was not calculating
  • Creating a keyframe then deleting it crashed Artlantis
  • .atla file objects lost after a Save as .atl


  • Artlantis Batch is reintroduced; it is located in the Artlantis folder.
Artlantis 6 Distance Learning Toolkit
Oct 30

Artlantis 6 Distance Learning Toolkit

By Athol Phillips | Artlantis

Artlantis 6 Distance Learning Toolkit

If tight project deadlines are preventing you for taking time off to personally attend one of our “Intensive One Day Artlantis 6 Training Courses“, then we have an awesome alternative solution for you to consider.

Why not invest in purchasing our Artlantis 6 “Distance Learning Toolkit”, and in so doing, acquire the necessary knowledge to master Artlantis 6, and then use your new found Photo-realistic Rendering Skills to secure more Design Projects.

Many of our Artlantis User, who are unable to physically attend one of our regular Artlantis 6 Training Session have opted to rather purchase our “Artlantis 6 – Distance Learning Kit”, and in so doing, equip themselves with the necessary skills and “best practice” on a “self study basis”.

The Artlantis 6 “Distance Learning Toolkit”, is delivered to your office on a 16GB USB Flash Drive

The Artlantis 6 “Distance Learning Toolkit”, is delivered to your office on a 16GB USB Flash Drive, and incorporates in excess of 8 hours of Video Tutorials, inclusive of a detailed 40 minute session covering the important subject of “Engine Optimization” in Artlantis 6, which is crucial to achieving “high quality rendered output” in the shortest possible render creation time.

Also included, are detailed instructions on the “Site Insertion” functionality, and the creation of Panorama’s in Artlantis 6 Studio.

The cost of the Artlantis 6 “Distance Learning Toolkit” is only R 2,850.00 Incl VAT, and offers very good value for money when you consider that the said Training Material can be also be shared among other members of your Design Team at no additional cost. Free of Charge “Overnight Delivery” is included within the South African geographical region. ORDER NOW!!!