Buy SketchUp Studio 2020 Student License

SketchUp Studio 2020 Student License

iRender are proud to be associated with Trimble in supporting the Educational Process in Southern Africa. It is no secret that today’s Student is tomorrow’s client, and to this end, we want to make SketchUp as affordable as possible to equip Students with Leading Edge Technology to tackle their Design Projects.

For this reason, Students as able to purchase a SketchUp Studio 2020 Student License at a fraction of the cost of a Full Commercial License.

This SketchUp Studio 2020 License is fully functional, and includes all the functionality of a Full Commercial Licenses.

  • A SketchUp Studio 2020 Student License only costs R1,550.00 Incl VAT and are valid for one year from the date of purchase.
  • You must be a current "FULL TIME" student at an accredited educational institution to qualify for an Educational License.
  • The same SketchUp Studio 2020 Student License can be installed on both your desktop and laptop computers.
  • SketchUp Studio 2020 Student Licenses cannot be used for commercial (for-profit) work of any kind.


Students will be required to submit a copy of their ID Document as well as a copy of their Student Card for verification purposes. This documentation must be eMailed through to ~ Failure to do so will delay the submission of your application and ultimately the approval of your Educational License.


On receipt of your Application Form and supporting documentation, your application will be considered for approval. If granted, you will receive a Pro Forma Invoice for settlement. On receipt of your Proof of Payment, your Order will be processed and an appropriate Tax Invoice together with Download / Activation instructions will be sent to you.

Application Form

Orders Restricted to the South African Geographical Region Only

Buy SketchUp Studio 2020 Student License
Year of Study *
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I hereby confirm that this Educators License will only be used for the preparation of Student Projects, and not for Commercial Work or Financial gain.
This Proof includes a copy of my ID Document and valid Student Card
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