Installing SketchUp Pro 2020

Installing SketchUp

First, download the installation file for your operating system.

You don't need to delete previous versions of SketchUp before installing either a new SketchUp or an update of an already-installed version of SketchUp.

Important Note about Graphics Cards and System Requirements: We recommend having the most current drivers installed for your graphics card(s), and that you check to see if your computer meets our System Requirements.

Installation instructions for Windows:

  1. Open the downloaded Installer file as an Administrator. You may need to see a security prompt and will need to give SketchUp permission to make changes (install) on the computer. This step may take a while, so be patient if it seems like nothing is happening.
  2. When the installation window opens, you'll have the option to change the application language and choose a different installation directory. Click Install, and the Installer will show a progress bar.

    Tip: While it is possible to choose any location, we recommend keeping SketchUp installed on the C:\ drive.

  3. Once you see the "SketchUp 2020 is Ready to Go!" message you can click on the SketchUp icon in the window to launch SketchUp right away, alternatively you can click Finish to close out the installer.

You may want to reboot your computer after the installation completes.

Installation instructions for Mac:

Make sure you’re logged into your computer as a user who has Administrative privileges.

  1. Close any existing application versions of SketchUp, Layout, and StyleBuilder.

    Tip: You may also want to remove any existing SketchUp icons from your dock from previous versions (Right-click on the dock icon > Options > Remove from Dock), to avoid version mixups.

  2. Locate and double-click on the installation ZIP file (probably in your Downloads folder). This will extract the installation ZIP contents to an Application of a similar name. Eg. Install SketchUp Pro-2020-1
  3. Double-click on the SketchUp icon to launch the installation process. When the installation window opens, you'll have the option to change the installation language, it'll default to English. A Verifying progress bar will appear and you'll see the SketchUp installation icon start bouncing in the dock at the bottom of the screen.
  4. You may be prompted with security message, if so, click Open.
  5. The Selected Languages window comes will open, select your language preferences and click Install.
  6. Once the installation completes you can either click on Start Modeling Now to launch SketchUp, or click Done to exit the installer.
  7. You should now close the Installer window and delete the Disk Image drive icon from your desktop by dragging it to the Trash Can. Note that this icon is not the SketchUp application.

You may want to reboot your computer after the installation completes.

A Note about Maintenance Releases: Updates are meant to be installed over an existing major version. When a maintenance release becomes available, you will see a message in SketchUp to download and install this update. Once you finish downloading the install, double-click on the install file and follow the instructions. Installing the update over an existing version is the best way to preserve your settings and preferences.

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