SketchUp As A Subscription

You can now subscribe to SketchUp

Like most of the software industry, Trimble has made the switch to subscription-based software. For those who are cringing right now, it is optional, so if you prefer the old way of purchasing/maintaining SketchUp, and you’re not interested in the extra software and services you get with the subscription bundle, you’re free to continue doing it that way. But if you choose to go with the subscription, you get quite a few additional bundled features.

Here is the lineup of SketchUp subscriptions:

  • SketchUp Free (Free for personal use) – The free version of SketchUp (The free version of SketchUp is now web-based. You use it right in your browser.) It includes a free Trimble Connect Personal subscription (5 collaborators, 2 projects, and 10GB of cloud storage). You also get the SketchUp viewer app for Android & iPhone for free. Access SketchUp Free right now in your browser. Get the SketchUp Viewer Android or iPhone app.
  • SketchUp Shop Subscription ($119/YR) – Premium web-based SketchUp modeling software for commercial use. Great for 3D printing, CNC, woodworkers, and other makers. More advanced import/export capabilities. You also get a Trimble Connect for Business subscription (Unlimited storage, projects, & collaborators), which includes unlimited storage. This subscription also enables the augmented reality feature on the SketchUp mobile app.
  • SketchUp Pro Subscription ($299/YR) – Includes SketchUp Shop (web), SketchUp Pro (desktop), LayOut(desktop), Style Builder, Trimble Connect for Business, Augmented Reality on SketchUp viewer mobile app, and the AR/VR viewer for desktop (Use with Vive or Rift). You will also have access to advanced customer support and SketchUps Learning Management System.
  • SketchUp Studio Subscription ($1199/YR) – Includes everything in the SketchUp Shop & SketchUp Pro subscription, but includes a license to Sefaira, Trimbles building performance analysis software.

Classic license still available

  • SketchUp Pro Classic (One-Time $695, then optional $119/YR) – Includes SketchUp Pro, LayOut, Style Builder, Trimble Connect Personal.

Remember, you can still purchase a perpetual SketchUp Pro “Classic” license for a one-time fee of $695, which includes one year of upgrades and maintenance. After that, you can pay an optional $119/yr maintenance fee to retain support and upgrades. But by not purchasing the SketchUp Pro subscription bundle, you will not have access to SketchUp Shop, AR SketchUp viewer on mobile, AR/VR desktop app, or Trimble Connect for Business.