System Requirements


  • MAC



  • Windows 7 to 10 – 64 Bit
  • WebGL compatible web browser

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

  • 2.1+ GHz processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 500 MB hard disk space
  • Video card 1+ GB 100% OpenGL*
  • 3-button mouse with scroll function

Recommended Hardware Requirements:

  • 2.4+ GHz processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 1 GB hard disk space
  • Video card 2+ GB 100% OpenGL*
  • 3-button mouse with scroll function

Note: Windows Vista and earlier versions of Windows are no longer supported!

Video Card

* If you are looking for a new system or upgrade, please pay extra attention to the video card. We do recommend video cards with a nVidia Quadro or GTX chip. These cards support OpenGL very well and have qualitative drivers. OpenGL is the heart of the 3D view for SketchUp Pro. On-board video cards (soldered chipsets) are strongly discouraged!

System Check-Up Tool

Please note that SketchUp Checkup is only available for SketchUp 2017 and newer, additionally, SketchUp Checkup is only available for the Windows Operating System at this time.

We’ve added a new standalone application – SketchUp Checkup – that allows you to check your computer for compatibility issues with SketchUp. This is only for SketchUp 2017 and newer. By running it, you can discover what problems your computer might encounter when running SketchUp so that you can take steps to correct the situation. This application also generates a file can be given to our Technical Support team who may be able to use it to support you in solving errors/warnings that you are seeing.

If you have doubts about the compatibility of your system, you can download a special check-up tool, testing your system on the correct configurations.

The SketchUp Checkup application runs only on Windows 64-bit machines.