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Definitely, worth every cent. Investment in your company’s core infrastructure.

Within the first hour of using Sketchup I knew it was software that would be worthwhile investing in and actually did.The learning curve to being productive was extremely quick, all supported by the tutorials, warehouse models, app extensions etc that are freely available through the internet. This together with alternative learning offerings available from iRender made the process of learning enjoyable.

Expert proficiency is an exciting ongoing learning process but that it in no way impedes the core proficiency skills learnt in the first few days which are essential for project production.The interface with Sketchup is exactly what we desire as Architects and Designers. In my opinion, the freedom of design in Sketchup Pro currently is unmatched.

We have found that many of the Architectural software offerings available are restrictive and cumbersome by nature meaning that the structure of the software and the level of proficiency required to drive that software limits the design process through the software itself.

Simply put, the software tells you what to do and input vs Sketchup where you tell you the software what you want.Without any reservations. People have commented to me that they can hear by my enthusiasm when speaking about Sketchup the enjoyment I derive from using the package. Definitely, worth every cent. Investment in your company’s core infrastructure.

We are proud to have a business relationship with iRender, a company with the highest of standards pre and post sales. Sketchup Pro allows for simple input and output with other cad platforms. I have also found many of the Sketchup Extensions written by the Sketchup community so very useful.

Andrew Roosenschoon - Pr. Senior Architectural Technologist ~ CU Lighting (Pty) Ltd t/a CULCO

This is certainly one Design Software Application that I could never do without

I became very proficient in using SketchUp within two months largely due to it's extremely friendly and intuitive

User Interface. This is certainly one Design Software Application that I could never do without, and I would definitely recommend it to any of my fellow Design Professionals.

It's always hard to have to pay for upgrades in one lump sum purely because one never has the time to budget for it. But having said that, it's certainly good value. A monthly payment package would definitely benefit most practices I would think.

And then of course, anyone who has had the pleasure of dealing with the "Accredited SketchUp" iRender Team know ...... iRender Rocks

Gareth Williams-Wynn - Owner ~ Karter Margub & Associates cc

This is my 7th year using SketchUp Pro

During my 2nd year at college I was self-taught and managed to learn fairly quickly given the Friendly and Intuitive User Interface. After designing my first concept model, I was comfortable and completed the rest of my projects with ease.

I would recommend SketchUp Pro, due to the quick turnaround to design 3D models and the variety of excellent and "free objects" sourced from the 3D Warehouse provided.

For a small design practice, I find it a bit costly, since I also needed to purchase several other design programmes too, but SketchUp is a brilliant programme to work with.

I also find the service of iRrender excellent. They were very responsive during the Pre and Post Sales phase. I purchased both Artlantis and SketchUp from iRender who had me up and running perfectly on that same day.

While working on a presentation render for a client, a virus on my computer had removed all the textures on Artlantis, Athol went out of his way to help me over the phone during the limited of time I had. Thank you!

Solange Lemmer - Director ~ Etch Interiors

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