Activating your Twinmotion 2021 Perpetual License

Congratulations, and welcome the the happy and productive family of Twinmotion 2021 Perpetual License Users

How to Download, Install and Activate your Twinmotion 2021 Perpetual License


iRender will confirm your new Product Key to Unlock your Twinmotion 2021 in your Tax Invoice which will be forwarded to you on receipt of the confirmation of your Proof of Payment / Verification of your funds in our Bank Account.

Once you have received confirmation of your new Twinmotion 2021 Product Key please proceed to the following link and Create or Login to your Epic Account.

You will be redirected to the REDEEM A CODE page after login where you will be required to enter your new Product Key into the field and click on Redeem. You should now receive the confirmation: Access Granted.


After you have redeemed the code, Navigate to the Download Page where you will be prompted to Agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Twinmotion EULA where you will need to DOWNLOAD the “Launcher” application.

Also be sure to DOWNLOAD any appropriate Direct Plugin you may require from the following location.

More information about Installing Twinmotion can be found here. 

If you experience any problems with the DOWNLOAD, INSTALLATION or ACTIVATION of your new Twinmotion 2021 Software Application, please contact iRender on TEL:+27824680937 or eMail