#Why go SketchUp as a Subscription?

With SketchUp as a Subscription, you will get the same SketchUp Pro, but with the following additional benefits:

  • Viewers for the Hololens, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality;
  • Access to the Premium Browser version of SketchUp anywhere;
  • High resolution geo-locations;
  • Trimble Connect for unlimited cloud storage and collaboration;
  • And perhaps more in the near future.

Perhaps most important is that it is a 'worry-free' licensing model. During your Subscription period you are always entitled to support and the latest version of SketchUp Pro.

What happens when my subscription ends?
When a subscription ends, you will no longer have access to the premium features of SketchUp Pro / Studio, like the desktop applications, Sefaira, etc. You can still open your models in the SketchUp Free web version, although that's not allowed for commercial use. You will still have access to the SketchUp Mobile Viewer, but the Augmented Reality feature will be disabled.

Are there any options for floating use of Subscriptions?
No, not yet. Subscriptions are for personal use through a Trimble ID.

What happens with my Trimble Connect data if I do not renew Subscription?
For now, no data is ever deleted from Trimble Connect. There would be a big announcement if that were to ever change. At that time they would define the policy for things like how long data is held etc

With Subscription, you have access to unlimited cloud storage and projects. If you don’t renew, you’ll still get to keep the Free Plan.
Trimble Connect offers Cloud storage for everyone. Everyone gets a Free Plan. With that Plan, you can have one project with 10GB data.

I am ending the subscription. What happens with my Trimble Connect projects? Projects (and the files they contain) simply become read-only if you exceed your project limit. All data will be kept.

How to proceed?
The biggest thing to point out is that it’s a good idea to plan ahead when you opt to end your subscription. Especially if you plan to continue under the free feature set. Just get your projects in order so you don’t have to copy things you still intend to make changes too.

Don’t use Trimble Connect solely as storage.
With Trimble Sync, you can synchronize your projects folder on your computer with Trimble Connect automatically.

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