SketchUp FAQ / Support Ticket Submission

Whilst SketchUp is generally an extremely User Friendly application, there are a few issues which tend to crop up every now and then, and are easy to solve as detailed below. If however you are experiencing a problem which is not listed below, please Complete and Submit the Support Ticket below, and we will endeavour to find a solution for you as soon as possible.

The Problem: ~ Running on too many computers!

If you get the error message "Running on too many computers", please proceed as follows:

The Solution: Deauthorize active "signed in" versions

You can free up your SketchUp activations by deauthorizing your currently active (signed-in) versions of SketchUp. The following instructions will reset your activations and allow you to sign in again. First, though, completely close all instances of SketchUp if you can.

1) Log into your Trimble Account Management Portal with your SketchUp email address (Trimble ID) and choose your latest Account, if needed: 

2) Go to My Products and click on "View Included Applications". If you don't see that, you may need to switch accounts under your email address on the left.

3) Click on the small blue link that says "Manage Devices" next to SketchUp.

4) On the pop-up window, click the "Deauthorize All" button.

5) Back in SketchUp, if you still see the error message, click on the small profile icon in the top right window, and sign out and in again.

Please note that if you have signed into SketchUp in 3 installations (could be SketchUp Pro 2019, 2020, and 2021 on one computer or one version on 3 different computers), you will need to free up one of those activations to be able to sign into the 4th installation.

For a demonstration of what this looks like, please check out this video from one of our channel partners.

The Problem: ~ SketchUp is getting slow!

I am creating large models with a lot of detail, and noticing that SketchUp is slowing down. How do I fix this?

The Solution: SketchUp Agile Modelling

Want to keep your SketchUp File size low and ensure that it renders quickly as you use it?

This guide is best used for prevention. However, for optimising already-slow models, start with slides 5, 10, 11, 12, and 15-18, but then go back and read the rest, too! If you are reading this in PDF format, check for the latest version here:

The Problem: ~ Trial Mode

SketchUp says my Subscription License that I purchased is in "Trial Mode".

The Solution: ~ Incorrect Trimble ID

Make sure that you have followed the Installation Process correctly, and also chosen the correct eMail Address to create your Trimble ID that was used by iRender to Activate your Subscription License.

(See Trimble ID FAQ here)

The Problem: ~ Invalid License

SketchUp reports "Invalid License" on Perpetual License.

The Solution: ~ Incorrect Trimble ID

Double check the SketchUp Perpetual License Serial Number that you are using is indeed the correct one for the version of SketchUp you are trying to authorise. Download SketchUp Pro 2021 from here.

The Problem: ~ Trial Mode

I cannot access components in the 3D Warehouse.

The Solution: ~ Update you Browser

Update your Browser to the latest version. If you are using Internet Explorer, please change to Google Chrome.

The Problem: ~ Extensions

SketchUp crashes when I try to load Extensions.

The Solution: ~ Incorrect Trimble ID

One of the extensions that is installed is causing the crash and most likely isn't compatible with SketchUp Pro 2021. Once the program starts to load up Ruby its hitting whichever extension that might be and crashing.
The best way to narrow down which extension it could be is to remove any extensions that didn't come with SketchUp natively, and start adding them back one by one to see where the problematic extension is.

The Problem: ~ Multiple Installations

Can I install my SketchUp License on more than one workstation, in other words on my Desktop at the office, and my travelling Macbook Pro Laptop?

The Answer:

Yes, you are technically and legally allowed to install your SketchUp Pro license on two workstations. You will however not be able to run two concurrent SketchUp sessions. In other words, it's either or.

The Problem: ~ How to Activate your Subscription?

Congratulations, you have purchased a SketchUp Subscription. Now what?

The Solution: ~ 

Continue reading and activate your SketchUp Subscription with the following steps.

The Problem: ~ Graphics Card for SketchUp

What Graphics Card is recommended for SketchUp Pro 2021?

The Answer: 

We recommend any card that supports and understands OpenGL to its full extent.

nVidia cards are well known for their excellent OpenGL support, ATI performs less in that area.

nVidia GeForce chipsets in the GTX series are very good, and not that expensive. The Quadro chipset cards from nVidia are excellent but very expensive (these are true OpenGL cards, GeForce are more gaming cards but do perform well).

Be sure to download the latest driver from the nVidia website once you plugged your new card in. Drivers are software, and software can contain bugs that are being fixed in new releases

The Question: Why go SketchUp Subscription?

Why should I consider SketchUp as a Subscription?

The Solution: ~ Incorrect Trimble ID

With SketchUp as a Subscription, you will get the same SketchUp Pro, but with the following additional benefits:

  • Viewers for the Hololens, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality;
  • Access to the Premium Browser version of SketchUp anywhere;
  • High resolution geo-locations;
  • Trimble Connect for unlimited cloud storage and collaboration;
  • And perhaps more in the near future.

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